Thunderbird Fall 2021 Edition

Greetings from Camp Cory!

The end of this summer represents one of the most fulfilling seasons in recent memory. With the challenges of not running overnight camp in 2020, along with so many of our campers having remote learning in school, camp was a needed change for many of us this year. With the pandemic still very much a part of daily life, making sure camp was fun this summer was a challenge. The Camp Cory Staff rose to the occasion, making sure that all our campers had the time of their lives. While we were focused on all of the important protocols to make sure the campers were safe, day to day life at camp seemed very similar to the previous summers; the dining hall was full of songs and cheers, new friendships were made, and kids enjoyed time away from technology.

We are so lucky to have the constant support of our camp alumni and look forward to celebrating our centennial with you next summer!

Pat Foster

Executive Director

Fun Facts from Cory History

The week of June 20 – 26, 2021 began the first ever Camp Cory History Week. On social media we shared daily posts providing snippets of Cory history, from major milestones to fascinating moments in our history. We shared stories of people, places, and events all the way back to 1920!

Here are a few of our favorite Cory moments in history:



We asked, and you shared. Here are the worst meals at Camp Cory:

“Salisbury steak. Still don’t like it to this day. Camp Cory scarred me for life!” Todd Peterson

“One time, the kitchen staff (‘16?) accidentally swapped sour cream and greek yogurt. Sour cream with granola and fruit is not nearly as yummy.”   Emmy Lundquist

“Do you still serve bug juice [belly wash]?” Asheley Stevens Clune

“Rib BQ. A barbeque disaster.”  Chris Albrecht

“Powdered/rehydrated scrambled eggs.”  Brent Stephans

“Argentinian “roast beef” for Sunday dinner.”  George “Pops” Parsons

“Chicken a la Thing.”  Chris Mattle


Alumni Interview 

Meet Christopher Albrecht

Camper 1982-87, CIT 1988, Senior Counselor 1990-92, Wells Village Head 1993, Maijgren Village Head 1994

Favorite Store Item?

Cracker Jacks.

You were New York State Teacher of the Year in 2018. How did that come about?

This will be my 24th year teaching fourth and fifth grade in Brockport, and I was nominated by three former students. After two rounds of written essays and observations of me teaching by two former winners, five finalists were named. I know many teachers I consider to be better than myself but I was humbled by the award. It gave me several opportunities I would not have otherwise had.

Favorite Memory 

Throwing a softball with Jerry Elliott in Central Camp during rest hour.

My goal

To make every camper feel special. Odd ducks should be accepted and differences celebrated.

Most recent accomplishment

Wrote The Rediscovery of Hope and Purpose. It’s ten interviews of people with inspirational stories including the first female Boston Marathon runner, the founder of Field of Dreams Uganda, a billionaire philanthropist, and a 104-year-old children’s book author. Both values are becoming scarce, and the book is intended to help people rediscover both hope and purpose within themselves. [Available at]

Unique Cory Experience

Proposing to my wife (and former staff member Jen Howard) by the chapel.

Your son Cory Albrecht recently rebuilt the Wells Campfire Circle as an Eagle Scout project adding benches and other improvements. I’ve been there several times and loved it. Your thoughts?

He has a strong connection to camp and the project gave him pride in a place he loves.

Special memory

When my camper made a giant sculpture of the dining hall out of a summer’s worth of saved single use cereal boxes.

Interesting fact

I frequently dream about being at camp. 

To see the entire interview, click here.


Key Camp Dates

Enrollment for Legacy Families for Summer 2022 Opens Oct 4! Legacy families will have the opportunity to enroll at 2021 prices until Oct 15. Enrollment for the general public opens Oct 16!

From the Alumni Association


Let’s Connect

We are scheduling alumni zooms and parties by era! Please send us the years you were at Cory and in what capacity (camper, CIT, staff, etc.). We would love to hear from you, and we’ll be sure to keep you apprised of all of the activities we are organizing.


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