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Camp Cory's Counselor In Training program aims to train participants to be effective leaders and to understand the necessary qualities and responsibilities required to be a camp counselor. Camp Cory enables all program participants with the tools to be leaders in the camp setting and the community at large. CITs pursue the study of leadership and camp programming. Participants will gain experience by observing and working with campers under the direction of the Leadership Director and Coordinators. CITs expand their leadership skills by shadowing counselors, taking certification courses, and participating in various activities and workshops that will prepare them for working with campers.

Enrollment for CIT will be open for Legacy Families on October 4, 2022 and the general public on October 16, 2022.

Session Dates

CIT Session A: June 26 - July 16, 2022

CIT Session B: July 17 - August 6, 2022

2022 Rate: $2,020

Program Details

The CIT program is designed to serve as a transition from camper to counselor. The program is three consecutive weeks and is designed to make this transition smooth and meaningful. Upon completion of the CIT program, many participants choose to become Camp Cory staff members to give younger campers an experience as meaningful as their own. Because of the important work we do with children at camp, we take the training of our young leaders and future counselors very seriously.

Who is Eligible?

Teens who will be 16 by July 1, 2022 may apply. We also accept 17 year old applicants who have not been through the CIT program previously. Interested individuals who have not been to Camp Cory are more than welcome to join the program. Participants must be available for all 3-weeks and are required to remain at camp during the first weekend holdover of their program.

Why is the age of a CIT important to their Cory Career?

Age 16, CIT: as a Counselor in Training, your child will learn to act as a counselor under the direct supervision of our leadership team and the Camp Cory staff. Three weeks of training are included in the program with an optional fourth + week Internship that is based on an at-camp application and interview.

Age 17, Junior Counselor: after applying for this competitive position,  your child will act as a true counselor for other campers with the guidance of an older staff member. Contracts may be shorter than the full ten week summer and not all individuals who were CITs are guaranteed positions.

Age 18, Senior Counselor: at age 18, your child may apply to become a Camp Cory counselor for all eight-ten weeks of the summer. In this position, they will guide their campers and help to train younger counselors and CITs. From here, your child may go on to become an Activity Specialist, Village Head, or even a member of the leadership team in which they’ll train a new group of CITs.

The Program

CITs will spend three weeks together with their cohort living in CIT cabins and beginning their leadership training.  The program will focus on four essential learning areas: safety awareness, teaching and facilitation strategies, behavior management and mediation, and a facilities focus/camp nuts and bolts. During their time, they’ll learn to manage homesickness, behavioral issues, and various other camper situations.

Certification Training: All CITs will participate in CPR and First Aid training during their first week at camp. They will then have the option to pursue certification as Lifeguards. Those that choose to pursue this certification will spend 3 hours each day for the following 2 weeks practicing in-water rescues and working on swimming endurance. Those that opt out of this process will undergo an equally as rigorous activity area program that will focus on curriculum development and teaching strategies in camp’s program areas.


At the completion of the program, a small number of applicants will be asked to stay for an unpaid, 1 (or more) week internship as an extension of their learning as a CIT. The internships are awarded based on attitude, work ethic, and the participant’s commitment to the camp experience. The internship is offered following each CIT program. Applications and interviews will be conducted during the CIT’s time at camp. Participants offered an internship have no obligation to accept.


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