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Summer 2022 Team

Camp Cory’s most important feature is our fantastic staff. We make sure that we hire committed, enthusiastic young people that look to make strong connections with their campers. All staff go through a thorough interview and background check process to make sure that they are qualified.




Mikenna Donze: Day Camp Director

Mikenna is so excited to be joining the Cory team for her 5th summer! She will be back at her Cory roots this summer, up at Day Camp! She is very excited to help bring new ideas and families, as well as reconnect with the returners. Mikenna is originally from Ohio and grew up going to summer camp there, but is now loving being a Rochestarian. She is looking forward to all the amazing things Camp Cory is doing and giving more kids their best camp experience.

Cass Prather: Program Director

Cass is so excited to be back for her fourth summer at Camp Cory! She can't wait to take on this new role and spend the summer at her favorite place! Cass is from Penn Yan, but she is living in Ohio and getting her Masters while playing lacrosse for one final season! Cass loves going on adventures with friends, trying new restaurants, taking pictures and making playlists! She is so excited to be back at Cory this summer and can't wait for another magical summer!

Evan Cunningham: Program Director

Guess who's back! Evan is coming back for yet another year at Camp Cory, making this his 15th summer! Evan is from Pittsford, NY, and loves doing anything that is associated with nature. This year, Evan is going to be one of the Program Directors and is more than excited to help the summer run as smoothly as possible. Fun Fact: Evan is a board game fanatic and is willing to challenge anyone in a friendly board game challenge.

Charlie Shrader : Sailing Master

Charlie is absolutely thrilled to be returning for his 4th summer on staff as Sailing Master! He is from Longmont Colorado and is a sophomore at the University of Colorado where he majors in environmental studies. In his free time, Charlie enjoys skiing, mountain biking, and spending time with friends. This summer, Charlie is looking forward to running a great sailing program and creating many memorable experiences for campers. He can't wait to see all of the returning faces and is looking forward to welcoming many new campers to Camp Cory! A fun fact about Charlie is that he actually sleeps at the bottom of Keuka Lake all summer long!

Grace Jentsch: Maijgren Village Head

Grace (pictured right) is thrilled to be returning to camp Cory this summer as Maijgren Village Head! She is super excited to be spending another summer at Cory which will make this her 15th summer! Grace is from Rosendale, Ny and is a junior at Penn State University studying psychology and theater. She really enjoys hiking, listening to lots of music, and baking. Grace is super excited for all of the Maijgren camp fires, village nights, and to create incredible memories with her campers. Fun fact about Grace is that she has never broken a bone (but trust me she is shocked that she has not due to her constant clumsiness)

Willy Enriquez Pinta : Conifer Village Head

Willy is an enthusiastic English teacher from Pasto, a little city on the south-west of Colombia. He enjoys very much playing his tenor ukelele and baking cookies and cakes. He is very keen on musicals (his favorite one is "Newsies"). He is looking forward to giving his best as a village head and getting the chance to know new people at camp. Two fun facts about him are that he can say "I love you" in ten languages and he has written two heart-wrenching songs.

Sophie Barnum: Walmsley Village Head

Sophie (middle) is beyond excited to be returning to camp this summer!! This will be her 14th summer at camp and her 4th on staff! Sophie is from Buffalo NY and is currently a sophomore at the University at Buffalo studying biomedical sciences. During the winter Sophie loves to ski and even coaches the freestyle ski team at Holiday Valley. A fun fact about her is that she actually has her own cheer at camp.

Olivia (Liv) Morton : Aviator Village Head

Liv is SUPER excited to be coming back to camp for her 7th summer and joining the Day Camp team for her 2nd summer! Liv is from Ithaca, New York, but has spent all of her summers on beautiful Keuka Lake! She is currently a freshman at SUNY Brockport studying Earth and Environmental Sciences, but when she's not in school, you can catch Liv hiking around the Finger Lakes, swimming, taking photos of her friends, going on road trips, and nannying for families during camps off-season. She is most excited to meet new Day Camp friends this summer! Fun Fact: Liv can talk to trees!

Jairo Francisco Toledo Jimenez : Senior Counselor

Jairo is 22 years old and is from Oaxaca, Mexico. In his free time he enjoys to do outdoor activities like being in contact with nature, cycling, listening to music, reading, and cooking. Jairo has plenty of experience working with kids from different ages. At school he took some classes related on how to work with children and has experience as a foreign language teacher. This is his first time applying for working at camp and he is expecting to have a multicultural experience, make new friends and most important; create a positive impact on the lives of campers and all camp members.
Fun facts: He is a left-handed person and he speaks Zapotec which is a native language for his state.

Jesus Uriel Lucho Rodriguez : Senior Counselor

Jesus Uriel Lucho Rodriguez is a 22-year-old guy who is currently in his last semesters of his degree in accounting. He is from San Andres Tuxtla, Veracruz located in the southeast of Mexico. One fun fact about Jesus is that he is used to laugh a lot and have great moments with his family and friends. His hobbies include learning new languages such as French and Chinese, playing the guitar and the ukulele, dancing and going to the beach. This summer is going to be his first camp experienced and that makes him feel eager to live this great experience, because he is looking forward to learning new things from the campers and his co-workers, also he is pretty sure he is going to have one of the best summers of his life because he’ll be able to share his happiness with many children.

Maddy Teague: Athletics Specialist

Maddy is from Rochester New York and this is her second year of staff! Maddy has worked with camps for over five years. She plays tennis and softball and loves dogs. Maddy is so excited to meet more amazing people and to make more memories! Fun fact: Maddy has arm wrestled Hulk

Síntique Machado de Carvalho : Day Camp Senior Counselor

Síntique is from Rio de Janeiro in Brazil. She's enjoys connecting with nature by walking, running and cycling. She's also enjoys reading and participating in the community with volunteer work and sustainable projects. She's made a sustainability project for her neighborhood that was chosen by the Embassy of France for funding. This is her first time at camp and she hopes that her time at Camp Cory will be filled with learning and good memories.

Esmeralda Mauleon : Day Camp Senior Counselor

Esme is from Veracruz, Mexico. Her hobbies are dancing, singing, watching movies, outdoor activities, and visiting new places. She's currently finishing her Bachelor's degree in Teaching English. A fun fact about her is that she hasn't had a normal hair color in years! This is Esme's first year at Camp Cory and she's very excited and looking forward to meeting campers and having an amazing summer!

Ella Weber: Aqua Fun Specialist

Ella will be returning for her 9th summer at camp and her second year on staff! She is so excited to be back and see old and new smiling faces! Ella is from Rochester NY and she loves to swim, sail, and go on adventures!

Rafaella Flávia Ferreira Silva : Senior Counselor

Rafa is from Brazil. During her spare time, she likes studying, reading, watching tv series, going to church, doing educational work with kids, and going out with friends and family. She loves singing, dancing, jogging, swimming, nature, and exploring new places. She is graduating with a degree in Pedagogy and has a deep love of working with children. Rafa thinks of herself as a trustworthy and responsible person. For this summer she is excited to have fun, work hard, learn more english, and make every moment special.

Linda Carvalho: Guitar Specialist

Linda Carvalho lives in Brazil and studies Communication and Journalism at university. She spends her time reading, writing, singing, and playing instruments such as ukulele, guitar and piano. She also enjoys outdoor activities like running, going to the beach, hiking and walking with her dogs. Linda had a band with her cousins, where they performing in events and recorded videos of them singing and playing different instruments. This is her first time at camp and she is very excited about this new experience and being part of the Camp Cory team.

Cat Holahan : Junior Counselor

Cat is from Pittsford, NY finishing up her junior year of high school and is so excited to come back to camp for a fourth year!! She does competitive Irish dance and enjoys going hiking, hanging out with friends, and traveling! Her favorite camp activities are paddle boarding, canoeing and kayaking, and dance. She loves music and is hoping to learn how to play the ukulele before coming to camp this year. Some fun facts about Cat are her favorite animals are red pandas, her favorite color is purple, and she wants to study physical therapy in the future.

Abner Abisai Santiago Cruz : Senior Counselor

Abner Santiago is 23 years old. He lives in Oaxaca, a city located in Mexico. This will be his first time at Camp Cory, but his second time working in a camp. He enjoys to sing a lot and he is learning to play ukelele. He loves to write poems and the activities that he enjoys are swimming, running, playing volleyball, video games and watching movies. He's a person who is always trying to learn new things. He's looking foward to a good experience this summer making new friends and learning new things.

Brenda Espinosa: Day Camp Senior Counselor

Brenda is a 22-year-old from Veracruz, Mexico. She enjoys doing many activities such as dancing, learning languages, playing instruments, singing, cooking, traveling, skating, and the list goes on. It will be her first time at camp, so she is looking forward to making a positive impact at Camp Cory and making new friends! Brenda is sure that she will serve as a good role model for all campers, and she hopes that they can learn lots from her. Fun fact: Bren might be able to talk about the weather with you in at least five languages.

Emmanuel Otañez : Support Staff

Emmanuel is 25 years old and is from Mexico. He is in the last semesters of his Industrial Engineering degree. He likes to exercise with his friends either in the gym or outdoors on a bike. He enjoys playing videogames, watching movies, and listening to music. Emmanuel really love animals as well and has a dog named Lena. This will be his first time at Camp and he is really excited to work and have fun.

Fiona Geddes: Leadership Coordinator

Fiona (pictured right) is super excited to have her second year at Camp Cory as a Leadership Coordinator! She is from Scotland and is currently in her third year at the University of Edinburgh where she studies International Relations. Some of her hobbies are cooking new foods and playing ghost canoes. She can’t wait to meet all the amazing new CITs and have a fantastic summer! A fun fact about Fiona is she can acapella sing Pitch Perfect all the way through!

Alejandra Olmos Garcia: Support Staff

Alejandra is from Mexico. She is studying a bachelors degree in Biotechnology. She likes to paint, sing, and watch movies. She loves animals, has 3 beautiful dogs at home so her favorite activity is to spend time with them. Alejandra is really excited to be part of Camp Cory for the first time; she's looking forward to making good memories.

Sthepany Michel Reyes Barillas : Support Staff

Sthepany is 19 and lives in Mexico City. She is a cheerful person by nature and enjoys every day with a smile. She is a good cook and loves to dance all genres; she would be happy to teach you a little bit!
She has a puppy that she loves very much and sometimes she matches clothes with her puppy. This is the first time she´ll be at Camp Cory, and she´s super excited to work with all of you. This summer she hopes to learn and teach new things to everyone around her; she hopes to make new friends and make her mark at Camp Cory.
Fun Fact about Sthepany: She can eat a taco al pastor in one bite!

Estephania Vázquez Perez : Senior Counselor

Estephania is 24 years old and is originally from Veracruz, Mexico, but now lives in Oaxaca, Mexico. In her free time she enjoys painting and drawing, cycling, listening her favorite music, watching tv, playing with her cat, and spending time with her friends. Estephania has plenty of experience working with kids and teenagers from different ages. At University she learned a lot about understanding, teaching and designing materials for children. She also has experience as foreign language teacher This is her first time applying for working at camp and she expecting to have a multicultural experience, share her culture, make a new friends and create a positive impact on the lives of campers and all camp members. Fun facts: She is very smily, she learned Japanese, and she loves talk about her culture.

Alejandro Melendez Araujo: Day Camp Senior Counselor

Alejandro is from a southern region in Spain called Andalucia. He loves sports, adventure and new challenges. He is a kind, responsible and sociable person and has some experience with camp as he has worked at two other summer camps. He is looking for a chance to enjoy the perfect summer and give the best of him as a Camp Cory staff member.

Ana Luísa Cardoso: Senior Counselor

Ana is from Brasília, the capital of Brazil. She loves sports, especially soccer. She also loves to watch soccer, NFL, UFC, NBA and other sports. likes to cook, Ana likes making new friends, cooking, spending time with family, animals, and helping people, She is in college studying Physiotherapy. A fun fact about her is that she has a child character called Nina and she also performs some characters in a child band.

Luis Cortes: Support Staff

Luis (pictured top) is from México, He is studying industrial engienering and he has been to Canada and Colombia learning about the culture and having fun. It is his first year at Camp Cory and he is looking forward to meeting you all and sharing in new experiences. His favorite hobbies are walking, swimming, and playing video games. He loves to spend time cooking and playing dominos with his grandparents. He has four pets: two cats and two dogs and he loves them very much.

Linabeth Gabriel Peralta: Support Staff

Linabeth is from Puerto Escondido Oaxaca; she comes from a very close family. she is a Foreign Language student, quiet, very helpful and friendly, she has attended and worked in many camps in a town near her city and has served in each of they of them, that's why he likes to serve and help people.
She is doing her internship at a school, which she was going to support a couple of years ago and it is a bilingual school based in the United States, so she is very familiar with children and adolescents.
Apart from languages, she loves music, she plays some instruments like piano, bass and drums, which she learned in the church for which he plays.

Saul Zafra Sanchez : Day Camp Senior Counselor

Saúl is from a city in Spain called Málaga. He loves music, theater, dance, and practicing all kinds of sports. He is a very energetic and happy person is very excited about his first year at Camp Cory. He can´t wait to go to the camp to live an amazing experience with his coworkers and the children.

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