Telemedicine from UR Medicine.

Expert care, available right at camp.


Nothing takes the fun out of camp like being sick or getting injured. But now, the YMCA has some news that can put your mind at ease.

Click here to download the consent form: URMC Telemedicine Consents

The YMCA has partnered with UR Medicine to offer telemedicine at Camp Gorham and Camp Cory. So if your child needs health care while away at camp, they can get medical attention from Golisano Children’s Hospital without any traveling.  This service is available Monday – Friday from 8:00 am – 4:30 pm excluding Fourth of July.  After hours and weekend care will be by use of Urgent Care or Emergency Room if necessary.


Here’s how telemedicine works:

  1. A trained YMCA camp nurse assesses your child and gathers important health information including a health history, vital signs, as well as photos and sound files as needed.
  2. The camp nurse securely sends the files to a provider at Golisano Children’s Hospital Pediatric Practice.
  3. The provider reviews your child’s case and then contacts the camp nurse to discuss care and treatment.
  4. If needed, the provider will also have the ability to see your child and the camp nurse via real time audio video communication.
  5. Any prescriptions will be called to the pharmacy closest to the camp and your preference within reason.
  6. Camp nurse will contact guardian to discuss care and treatment
  7. Payment for services is the same as if you took your child to see their Pediatrician for an office visit. Any co-pays and deductibles apply.
  8. You must sign the telemedicine and HIPAA consent in advance of camp to assure your child is able to receive these valuable services if needed.


Rest easy while your child is at camp this summer.


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