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Dates & Themes

2019 Rates

1 Week Traditional Camp: $850

2 Week Sailing Session: $1,905

1 Week Day Camp: $225

Additional Sessions for each program: Enrollment in multiple sessions merits additional discounts

2019 Themes

Session 1, : June 30 – July 6 – Party in the USA

Rejoice fair citizens! Let freedom ring (literally) with the annual Keuka Lake ring of fire, one of our famous Camp Cory carnivals, and our annual Camp Cory 5K. To top it off, this is the week we play DOUGH BOYS!!!

Session 2, : July 7 – 13 – Color Wars

Bring your red and blue shirts because this week will be all about COLOR WARS. Face challenges and tasks throughout the week as a team and as individuals to find out once and for all which color will come out on top! Of course, it wouldn’t be a color war without STRATEGO! 

*this is a talent show week – feel bring to bring items from home to participate!

Session 3, : July 14 – 20 – Camp Cory’s Excellent Adventure

An assortment of historical figures are released in the present. Will our Camp Cory campers be able to set things right and bring everyone back to their own time? On the way we may do some time traveling of our own…

Session 4, : July 21 – 27 – Space Race

One small step for a camper, one giant leap for Cory-kind! It’s a race… to the stars. Join the rest of our staff and campers as we race through the galaxy and conquer the universe!

Session 5, : July 28 – August 3 – Holiday Havoc

When T-Mike makes a wish on a magic kumquat, he accidentally mixes up all the holiday characters into one smorgasbord of crazy holiday fun! We don’t even mind the mix-up; come celebrate with us!

*this is a talent show week – feel bring to bring items from home to participate!

Session 6, : August 4 – August 10 – Myths and Legends

All your favorite fairy tales, conspiracy theories, and mysteries all rolled into one! Discover Big Foot, the Loch Ness Monster, and hear the Call of Chuthulu…

Session 7, : August 11 – 17 – Literature Comes to Life

Oh gracious! Famous stories have now come to life. The only way the make it out is to get to the end of the story. Down the rabbit hole we go!

Session 8, : August 18 – 24 – Kingdoms of Cory**

Hear ye! Hear ye! In an unprecedented change to our camp structure, we at Camp Cory decree that one village should rule over the rest and sit on the Thunderbird Throne. Which village will come out on top? Join us this week to compete for the Throne and for GLORY!

*this is a talent show week – feel bring to bring items from home to participate!


**there will not be any actual changes to our camp structure- it’s all in good fun!

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