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Annual Campaign


We have heard from so many families that their experiences at YMCA Camp Cory have been life changing; that the relationships they have formed are unique and precious; that the values and
experiences are essential to who they are and the lives they live—professionally and personally.

YMCA Camp Cory is a place where lifelong friendships are created, core values are taught, and precious memories are made. Each day we work hard at providing financial options for children around the world to experience Camp Cory. With your help, every child can have  access to Camp Cory, allowing them to make their own fantastic memories and friendships.

But where society can fall short, the Y – and donors like you – steps in. Together we make a difference in the lives of thousands of people and a huge impact on each individual we serve. Your gift  to the Annual Campaign at YMCA Camp Cory will give a child the chance to thrive. No one is ever turned away. Your kindness can give the chance of a lifetime to the people who need it most.

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Project 241

Camp Cory provides a nurturing environment, one that challenges and encourages individuals and families to reach new levels of achievement and self-confidence. A Camp Cory experience fosters positive relationships, while focusing on building and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. We feel everyone deserves the opportunity to live  the magic of Cory!

Project 241 is our promise to our community to ensure all children experience the incredible power of  camping,
regardless of their financial means. Supporting Project 241 ensures every camper the opportunity to experience the many wonders and joys that camp has to offer. Contact us for more information or questions in regards to Project 241!

Your gift truly makes a difference:

Program Enhancement

We view our programs not as an end to themselves, but as a tool to foster self-confidence, independence, teamwork, responsibility, and perseverance.  As an augmentation of the operating budget, the Annual Campaign can strengthen program with specialized equipment that meet the needs and skill sets of diverse age group, use technology in program delivery, and partner with nationally recognized organizations to enhance program curriculum.

Facilities & Grounds

Annual Campaign gifts can keep our 27 acres safe, secure, and magical place it has always been.

Since 2011, the Annual Campaign has grown over 170%, and number of  donors to the Annual Campaign has increased 42%. Every dollar raised by the Annual Campaign to fund the above priorities represents a dollar not drawn from the endowment for the same purpose, and allows the endowment to thrive and grow so that we can change lives for the better for another century.