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Thunderbird Fall 2019 Edition

From the Alumni Office

We hope that everyone had a fun summer this year and are enjoying late autumn, wherever you may be.  Fantastic seeing so many of you at YMCA Camp Cory for tours, summer events, family visits to the Finger Lakes region and camper drop-offs and pick-ups.

We are encouraging Alumni to locate others from their Cory eras and attend the events posted on the Cory website, especially those leading up to the Centennial Celebration the last weekend of August 2021, when we look back at 100 summers as Camp Cory.  If you use social media, a great way to engage current Alumni and locate Cory buddies from long ago is to “like” the YMCA Camp Cory Alumni Association page on Facebook.  The 2021 Centennial Celebration will be a once in a lifetime reunion for all of us, and not to be missed. We will establish a link on the Cory website for Centennial information soon.  Many of you have updated your contact information and “Cory story” on the Reconnect Form —thank you!  This will help us reach out to everyone with events leading up to the Centennial Celebration.

On the immediate horizon is the 16th Annual Alumni Holiday Party.  Join Camp Cory for an evening of fun and surprises.  Please be present January 4, 2020 from 6pm to 8pm at Monroe’s in Pittsford, NY. Hard to believe another year has gone by.  RSVP here or call us at 585-263-4239. Everyone has so much fun at these Cory gatherings that have become inclusive of many generations of Cory Alumni from 1946 to last year’s staff. So, see you at Monroe’s, January 4, 2020!

Cory had yet another banner year for attendance. This will be clearly described in the upcoming 2019 Impact Report, updated each April.  All parts of camp experienced growth.  We continue to see our staff and campers arriving from all over the US and many foreign countries—an enormous “plus” for these kids as they prepare for opportunities far beyond their hometowns. The Day Camp is impacting youth in Yates County much in the way that a YMCA branch would support a larger metropolitan community. Day Camp benefits families from villages and towns like Penn Yan, Branchport, Hammondsport, Geneva and Dundee, and has resulted in many attendees matriculating into the overnight camp. Day Camp at Cory continues to be one of the camp’s greatest achievements.

We are finishing our 2019 Annual Campaign — please consider a donation (if you haven’t) to help us send another child to YMCA Camp Cory. Every bit helps as we spotlight this endeavor each year in support of our mission to not turn away any child who wishes to attend our beloved Camp Cory.  The increase in scholarship requests is always proportional to the increase of camp growth. With up to sixty additional bunks available in the upcoming summer, we already know more applications for financial aid will be processed this summer than any previous year.

Camp Cory has survived and flourished over 98 summers. Meeting the needs of a changing planet is nothing new to Cory. In fact, it has certainly become an expectation. Lucky for us, the world has never stopped needing amazing young adults to show the way! From time to time we need to update the facilities so that we may continue to excel in this endeavor. Please contact Rich Morgan (585) 263-4239 if you wish to assist Camp Cory in upcoming projects such as the Yacht Club and Camp Office renovations. We are adding more RS Quest sailboats to the growing fleet, as well, and are in need of two new hulls. The Dining Hall expansion project and Leadership Village construction have begun. Thank you so much to all our dedicated donors and volunteers! No doubt, these are amazing times to be at YMCA Camp Cory.

You are always welcome to return for a tour of the facility. We love to see families return to camp for future summer enrollment. So many of us have come back to what worked best in our own youth development years for our own kids, relatives and friends – a safe, fun, tech-free, STEM supporting environment that creates tomorrow’s leaders. Cory is one of the last stops along youth’s pathway that is smart-phone free. Real people, real-time and noticeable results. Ask any Cory parent today – they’ll tell you the Cory experience is more relevant now as ever. This tech-free attribute is simply not available at home or in school in modern times. We know that this is an enormous advantage for children who will have to compete in an adult world where communication skills still determine everything. Besides, we love to show-off this place, especially to Cory families. We are sincere when we say that Cory truly exceeds today’s needs for youth development, while never wavering from the central principals of inclusion, sense of belonging, self-confidence and leadership that got us to this landmark year. If you would like, I will place you in contact with a current Cory parent who lives near you, today.

As we say farewell to 2019, we begin planning our 2020 by reaching out to more alumni and preparing camp for the Centennial Celebration less than two years away. Our Cory brothers and sisters are all over the Earth. Staying connected is important as we watch our special and successful brand of youth development have an impact far beyond the shores of Keuka Lake. Why not plan a stay at Cory with your Cory buddies? Alumni do this twice a year on during Family Camp weekends – enroll here to reserve a cabin.

The time is now to find your cabin mates from days gone by, attend Cory Events and prepare for fun times ahead at YMCA Camp Cory’s 2021 Centennial.


Kowa Bunga and Kowa K-Boat to you! And, thank you for being Cory.


Rich Morgan, Camper 1977-‘82

Director of Alumni and Donor Engagement

See You at the Alumni Holiday Party!

The wash basin, an older form of social media, 1940’s-1990’s style.

Enlist and celebrate with us! It’s fun!!! RSVP here…

Day Camp! The ample outdoor grounds feature our newly up-graded Archery Range, Outdoor Cooking Pavilion, Organic Gardens and emerging Leadership Village. Pictured is the Farmstead (big red barn) which is an amazing facility, itself. We are so fortunate to be able to share these facilities and learning tools with so many children and young adults.


The Mangurian Dining Hall receives yet another expansion to accommodate additional seating for all meals. The option was to begin dining in shifts – not at all acceptable as a Cory Family together is a strong family forever!

Campers on the Y dock, in front of the Maijgren Village Yacht Club. The Yacht Club is in need of donor support of its intended expansion. Please let Rich Morgan (585) 263-4239 know if we should be speaking about this needed project to improve invaluable STEM teachings at YMCA Camp Cory – the place where so many careers in tech, engineering and education had their foundations.

Thank you 2019 RS Quest Donors! We are at it again, finishing the new fleet of RS Quests which began with Dr. Brian Grogan’s boat donation in May, 2018. Thanks to all – only a couple of hulls remain unspoken for… Rich Morgan (585) 263-4239 is your Cory contact for Fleet Development!

A message from your YMCA Camp Cory Executive Director


The 2019 camp season is over and once again it was a memorable summer. More than 1800 campers attended our day and overnight camps from more than 30 states and 12 countries. In addition to this, our great staff of more than 100 young people from across the world worked tirelessly to make sure that every one of these campers went home safe, happy, and looking forward to next summer. Helping make the summer a little brighter for our Maijgren campers was the addition of our new fleet of RS Quest Sailboats. This generous donation helped us give the sailors a great platform to strengthen their skills.

As we look to next summer, I can’t begin to express my excitement for the new Leadership Village. This new addition to the camp will help us mentor teens and teach them the important values of the Y.  The CIT Program has trained some of the best leaders who have moved on to do some truly amazing things. With this new village, we will be able to serve more teens and help them truly realize their potential. A larger leadership village also gives us the opportunity to help train our younger counselors throughout the summer so they have the tools to provide a great camp experience.

As we plan for next summer, we are eager to develop new programs but still hold on the great traditions that keep campers coming.

Have a great winter and join us January 4, 2020, at Monroe’s for the Annual Alumni Holiday Party.



Patrick Foster (585) 506-5430

Executive Director, YMCA Camp Cory


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