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Dates and Themes

What week are you coming to camp? Enrollment for Summer 2017 is now open!

2017 Rates

1 Week Traditional Camp: $780

2 Week Sailing Session: $1660

1 Week Day Camp: $210

Additional Sessions for each program: Enrollment in multiple sessions merits additional discounts

Session 1, Superheroes: June 25 – July 1, Grab your cape and mask and join us for a week dedicated to do-gooders! Create your own superpowered counselor to join the Heroes of Cory and stop crimes against Camp.

Session 2, Ancient Civilizations: July 2 – 8, Ever wondered what games the Egyptians played for fun? Or what the Mayans put on their pizza? Come explore the worlds of old, but beware, there may be treacherous temples, grouchy gods, and even vengeful Vikings waiting…

Session 3, Life on the High Seas: July 9 -15, Arg! Captain Lawrence needs your help aboard the S.S. Thunderbird! Work with the Pirates this week to build a ship, plunder, and become the greatest pirate crew on Keuka.

Session 4, The Great Outdoors: July 16 – 22, Oh the joy of nature! Explore the beauty of camp and the outdoors this week as we enter the wilderness. But be careful, there may be rogue venus fly traps, quicksand, or maybe even panthers in our midst.

Session 5, Adventures in Outerspace: July 23 – 29, Travel across the universe and discover new worlds this week! Our space explorers need your help to boldly go where no one has gone before to find friendly aliens and habitable planets in their journey. Better pack your spacesuit!

Session 6, Capturing Captivating Creatures: July 30 – August 5, Did you see that?! Our Cory photographers have captured images of a few creatures of lore, including Big Foot, the Loch Ness Monster, and a black squirrel! Help them track and hopefully catch these majestic creatures here at camp.

Session 7, Broadway Week: August 6 – 12,  Lights, camera, action! We need YOU to take center stage as the star of our very own Cory production. Some of our actors went haywire though, so you may need to solve a few mysteries as you rehearse your lines too!

Session 8, Elements of Cory: August 13 – 19, This week, each village will be called upon to master their own element: earth, wind, fire or water. Only the true masters of their element will get the chance to tame them all and gain control of the Village Cup.

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End of Summer Family Camp

August 25, 2017

NEW this summer, we’d like to give  you one more chance to enjoy camp with your family! This end-of-summer, 3-day weekend is the perfect final […]

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Sep 01 2017

Labor Day Family Camp

Finish out your summer with a truly relaxing and invigorating weekend! We’ll take care of meals, cabins, and recreation, all you need to bring is […]

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